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Welcome to the Beckes Family website

Please excuse any current links that are inactive. A major revision is currently underway. This site will now include the the family trees for Beckes, Grants of Glennmoriston and Eaton (Eyton) to reflect the next generation of our family. For the family tree go to Beckes/ Grant/ Eaton Family Tree

The name Beckes is the 88,022nd most popular last name (surname) in the United States.   This information is based upon the 1990 United States Census. In other words it is a rare name. 

This site was initially created and developed with our immediate family in mind. However, in searching out the internet for information about the Beckes family it became apparent that almost all those of  Beckes decent in the United States are probably related. Our common ancestor appears to be American Revolutionary War Patriot Benjamin Beckes (born 1753).   

Our primary goal is to reconstruct the entire Beckes Family Tree . If you are looking for an online home for your Beckes lines and lineage to share with the world, I hope that you'll allow us to post it here. There is no registering to view data on this site as many of the commercial genealogy sites do. 

In addition to being a source for family history we are also interested in providing a resource base for the continued involvement of current Beckes family matters.

If your last name is Beckes chances are you may find your name somewhere here on our site!

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